Tennis lessons

Just had my first tennis lesson with Ali in Kennington Park. Brilliant. We covered loads of things that were not at all obvious to me naturally but made a big difference when I tried them. I think I might be able to beat Finn now.


Pivot, twist with shoulder
Index finger on third bevel of handle
PAS - path, angle, speed. Path - low to high, angle - vertical (ball is going to go where the racket is pointing), speed - medium


Pivot, step across, pull racket back, release, finish in 'Statue of Liberty' position.
Index finger on second bevel. Release with left hand at the point that the forward swing starts.
Push through as well as up.


Index finger on 2nd bevel for pronation - more power. Elbow point to back of court.

General - get in position when the ball comes over the net, start back swing when ball bounces. Back swing until base of handle is pointing down the court.